Top 5 Sincerely Reallys For The Week

1. A man at the post office was complaining about the wait and then asked one of the postal workers how long it would be because he left his kid inside the car. When the postman asked him how old his child was he said "two." At that point, he had already been in line with me to get our passports renewed for at least twenty minutes. Really!!

2. A gentleman recently gave me a business card and on the front it said his name followed by what seemed like nineteen different businesses: barber, photographer, dog breeder, security, fashion designer, interior design etc. etc. in like size 9 font to all fit on the card. Really? As I stood before him, I had to resist the urge to sing the Kat Williams' version of "Everyday I'm Hustling, Everyday I'm Hustling." 

3. I went to buy a sandwich at this tiny spot and she told me the sandwich was only $3.50. I thought, "what a bargain." As I then went to order the sandwich she explained it would be 0.50 cents for cheese, 0.50 cents for tomatoes, 0.50 cents for lettuce, 0.50 cents for BREAD (which should be a staple in a sandwich) and then, of course, tax. Really, woman? Just be honest up front and tell me it's a $7.00 sandwich at your hole in the wall joint. 

4. Yet another email from Nigeria claiming I have been "chosen" to help move 10 million dollars (this time by diplomatic means). It seems I have moved up the ranks of some covert mission and with the amount of emails I get on a monthly basis I will be able to retire by 33. Really!

5. A random bird on top of a Toyota Camry near the place I frequent on a weekly basis--Target! Even the bird is obsessed with the red bullseye!